Publications and Speaking Engagements


“Arbitration in the US, a Love/Hate Affair” La Lettre de la Chambre arbitrale international de Paris, Number 15, December 2017 pp 11-13. >> View

“Incorporating Mediation into a Company’s Dispute Resolution Program”, Young Arbitration Review, April 2016, pp 70-74. >> View

“Litigation Management in the Corporate Legal Department”, pages 386-392 in Der Unternehmensjurist (Shulthess Verlag) 2016. >> View

Speaking Engagements

“What happens during a Mediation? How does it work?”, Virtual World Litigation Forum, 8-10 September 2020.

“Negotiating Asymmetric Dispute Resolution Clauses”, 14th Riga Vis Pre-Moot, Riga, Latvia, 27 February 2020.

“Third Party Funding in Litigation”, World Litigation Summit 2020, Dubai, UAE, 27-28 January 2020.

“Recent litigation developments in the ever-growing field of corruption and bribery”, World Litigation Summit 2020, Dubai, UAE, 27-28 January 2020.

“Review by French Courts of Corruption Allegations in Arbitration Proceedings”, World Litigation Summit 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2 July 2019. Also moderated session on GDPR Compliance, Investigations and Litigation.

“Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Pros and Cons”, 8th World Litigation Forum, Dubai, UAE, 9-10 January 2019.

“Forged documents in Arbitration Proceedings, Parigi-Italia”, conference Rome, Italy, 9 October 2018.

“International Arbitration Awards, University of Rome,” Roma 3, 20 April 2018.

“Cross-Border Dispute Management from the Client’s Perspective”, ICDR International Dispute Resolution Boot Camp, London, England 14-16 June 2017.

“International Tax Issues for In-House Counsel”, ACCE Annual Conference, Cascais Portugal, 9 May 2017

“Cyber Security and the Arbitration Process”, Arbitration: the in-House Counsel’s Perspective, CMS, ACCE, CCIAG, ASA conference, London 24 March 2017.

“Orders, Awards, Enforcement and Settlement”; Arbitration: the In-House Counsel’s Perspective, CMS, ACCE, CCIAG, ASA conference, London, 18 March 2016.

“CIArb Diploma Course in International Dispute Management for Senior Executives, Mediation and other forms of ADR”, faculty member, 14-17 January 2016, London.

“Don’t just put out the fires: Managing Anti-corruption long-term and across borders”, ACC Annual Conference, Boston 19-21 October 2015.

“Crisis Management and Exit Strategies for When Things Go Wrong in Foreign Countries”, ACC Annual Conference, Boston 19-21 October 2015.

“Document and information retention programmes and policies” ACC Europe Annual Conference, Munich 31 May -2 June 2015.

“ICC Guide to Arbitration for in-house counsel”, Arbitration: the In-House Counsel’s Perspective, CMS, ACCE, CCIAG, ASA, London, 16 March 2015 (also was conference organiser).

“Introduction to Arbitration and Mediation”, University of Rome La Sapienza, 2015-present. Teach two-day seminar on arbitration to a Masters course in private law (Diritto Privato Europeo).

“Dealing with Risks Associated with Performance, Damages and Warranties”. Corporate Legal Excellence. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Marcus Evans. Conference Co-Chair. 24-26 November 2014.

“Minimsing Bribery and Corruptions Risks Pre and Post Merger and Acquistion”. 5th Forum on Anti-Corruption, Paris, France, C5. Chaired the conference. 13 May 2014.

“Safeguard your Board from Criminal and Civil Liability Charges, Fines and Jail Time in the Face of Increased Enforcement by Prosecutors”. 7th Advanced Forum on Anti-Corruption, Frankfurt Germany, C5. 28-29 January 2014.

“The Costs of Insufficiency or Non-Compliance”. Competition Summit 2013, Brussels, Belgium. 5-6 December 2013

“Préventions des risques et lutte contre la corruption, “Corruption dans les transactions commerciales entre entreprise et fournisseur : comment les détecter?” Conference Anticorruption Paris, France, Marcus Evans. 25-27 November 2013.

“Mitigating Unforeseen Risks when Entering into a Joint Venture”. Managing conference. 9-10 October 2013

“M&A: Successful Export Controls Compliance Due Diligence and Programme Integration in Acquisition Situations”. European Export Controls, Amsterdam, Netherlands, C5. 25-26 September 2013.

“Managing Third Party and Counterparty Relationship Risk: Getting the Contract Right”. Managing Third Party and Counterparty Relationship Risks, London, England, C5, 11-12 March 2013.

“The Questions You Need to Ask to Effectively Categorise Third Parties as Low, Medium or High Risk”. Managing Third Party Relationship Risks, Paris, France, C5. Served as conference co-chair. 23-24 October 2012.

“Minimising Re-export Risks under US and EU Regulations and Automating Licensing Processes”. 6th European Forum on Export Controls, Brussels, Belgium, C5. 7-8 February 2012.

“Undertaking Effective Audits and Investigations to Uncover and Resolve Export Compliance Challenges and Rectify Procedural Issues”. 6th European Forum on Export Controls, Brussels, Belgium, C5. 7-8 February 2012.

“Internal Procedures to Protect Controlled Technical Data”. 1st Advanced Forum on European Export Controls, C5, Munich, Germany. 27-28 September 2011.

“Risk Management Tools”, Association of Corporate Counsel Europe Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria. 30 May-1 June 2010.

“European Defence Directive”. American Bar Association International Section Fall Meeting, Paris, France. November 2010.

“General Counsel as Member of the Executive Board”. Association of Corporate Counsel Europe, Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain. 1-3 June 2008.

“Conflicts of Interest between Parent Companies and Their Subsidiaries”. ABA International Section Spring Conference, New York. 1-5 April 2008.

“Internal and Regulatory Investigations”. IQPC, London, England. 29-30 November 2007.

“New US Techniques in Criminal Procedure and Corporate Governance”. Union Internationale des Avocats Annual Meeting, Paris, France. 2 November 2007.

“Intellectual Property Issues in Corporate Transactions”. High-Tech Patents, London, England, IQBC. 27-28 June 2007.

“Legal Risk Management: Regulatory Risks”. Association of Corporate Counsel Europe Annual Conference, Munich, Germany. 3-5 June 2007.

“New Intellectual Property Economy”. European American Chamber of Commerce and Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe. Program Chair. 18 January 2007