Mediation Philosophy

Mediation is, at its heart, assisted negotiation. The mediator provides a structure to the negotiation that may enable the parties to reach a settlement that had proven elusive in prior negotiations. By listening, questioning, and, occasionally but only occasionally, cajoling, in both private sessions and joint sessions the mediator helps the parties determine what is possible and what is not possible. the mediator sets the stage for the mediation by letting the parties know that mediation is a controlled process where civility and confidentiality are taken very seriously. Above all a mediation belongs to the parties that are involved. The mediator may help guide them to an eventual settlement, but any conclusion is of their own making; the mediator remains a facilitator.

Mediation Work

To his work as a mediator Mr. Lowe brings his extensive negotiating experience gained in a multitude of subject matters in virtually all areas of the world. He has handled many mediations, principally in the United Kingdom, involving commercial matters. To his mediation work Mr. Lowe brings an understanding of the varied interests and parties involved, the diversity of their positions and the various means by which a negotiated settlement may be reached.

Mr. Lowe has completed Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and AAA mediation training. He has been a judge at the ICC Mediation competition since 2017.

In addition to mediating, Mr. Lowe also teaches mediation with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and organizes mediation training on behalf of institutions.